Friday, April 28, 2017

Elementary School Play

Tonight was so rad! I love these teachers and kids

4H Pigaranza!

Peach #119
We are up to our knees in you know what, but we're loving these awesome pigs! Clancy choose to do market pigs for his 4H project. There are a lot of little things to do but overall he has been such a good caretaker. 

Smokey #120

Ola Ladies Club Tea Party

I attended my first ever tea party with the Ola Ladies Club. So exciting and so much fun visiting with these country ladies about all things important including 4h pig care, bear intruders, mice, local activities and events and of course kids and grand kids!

Family work day!

A much needed and wanted work day. We finished the porch and got one side of the yard full of manure and seeded! Can't wait for the full effect. 
The girls main job was to get rocks out of the yard.

Clancy poster contest

Clancy was super excited to enter a poster contest through Ola Elementary School. Hopefully his hard work will pay off.

Simple dress

I found an east dress pattern and actually sewed! It was so fun and fast!

Soccer coach

So this was my first season co-coaching with my husband. I'm a newbie to soccer but it has been an awesome learning experience. Soccer really has more strategy than first meets the eye.  We coached 3/4 graders. They started picking up their positions just the last two games. We only have seven on the field. Three mid-fielders, three defense, and a goalie.
The best drills were dribbling around cones, beating (having the kids race to get the ball), partner passing dribbling to the goal for a kick at the goalie and scrimmages with the older kids. Two games left!